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               Alignment for Yoga Practice


Evolving from its origins to fit the needs of today, yoga has become the fastest growing, personal health and fitness practice. It provides benefits well beyond what common physical exercises offer. Its holistic approach unleashes our innate ability to achieve vitality, health, and healing.


For yoga to deliver on its full potential, the practice must be in harmony and aligned with the body's natural function and design. Focusing on the outer appearance of asana does not indicate alignment. Within the actions taken in every pose are numerous, underlying principles that must be followed to make their final appearances both graceful and safe. Alignment is also fundamental in using yoga as a powerful therapeutic approach to injuries.

Our book may be the most comprehensive exploration of alignment you will find. It is based on our anatomy and body mechanics. It explores posture extensively, and off the mat. The many questions that arise when teaching or in personal practice are answered clearly and precisely. The principles are easy-to-apply immediately into practice with language that flows easily from anatomical discussions to yogic philosophy.


Every yoga style and tradition, no matter how esoteric, ultimately depend upon postural alignment and understanding our anatomy. The principles in  our book support all yogic journeys and all personal approaches.


And, for health professionals whose work brings therapeutic bodywork and yoga together, this is a must-have resource.

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