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Alignment for Yoga Practice

Yoga is one of the fastest growing fitness and health practices. It goes beyond traditional exercise programs, dedicated to balancing flexibility with strength through precision in alignment and movement.
Students often begin a yoga practice to address an ongoing injury or issue with pain and yoga is a sophisticated and effective therapy - but only when it follows the body's anatomical design and function. 
Our book is a comprehensive exploration of yoga alignment based on the most current breakthroughs in anatomy and physiology. It explores the posture and position of each region of the body and importantly, their dynamic relationship with each other. Questions that frequently arise when teaching or in personal practice are answered clearly and precisely.  Step-by-step instructions are given that are easy to apply and always with the intention to bridge anatomical discussions with traditional yogic philosophy.
Every yoga style, no matter how esoteric, ultimately depends upon a working knowledge of the body and awareness of  postural alignment. The goal in our book is to support all yogic traditions and all personal approaches.
For health professionals who have yoga-practicing patients and clients, or incorporate yoga into their therapies, this is a must-have resource.

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