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   ChiroYoga™ Seminars

Bringing Together the Principles and Practices of Chiropractic and Yoga

ChiroYoga™ Seminars introduce the principles of alignment, movement and posture that are the basis of today’s study of yoga and the practice of yoga therapy. It explores the anatomical and structural biomechanics that form the rationale for yoga’s powerful therapeutic effects.


The workshops present exclusively to chiropractors how yoga can enhance chiropractic practice – in our evaluations, spinal and extremity adjustments, and rehabilitation protocols. Most importantly, it clarifies the point of view that yoga practitioners hold and present the best way to communicate with this well-informed section of the public.


More than 20 million practitioners are in North America and the number is growing, making yoga the fastest growing personal practice for health and fitness. The growing popularity of yoga offers chiropractors a great professional opportunity. What better than chiropractic to serve the health care needs of this compliant, positively minded group?


Yoga practice focuses on structural alignment and correct posture. The health of the spine is clearly understood, vital in health and wellbeing. Prana, the yogi’s equivalent to innate “life force, is a well accepted concept and its full potential is a major focus of the practice.


At the same time, an alarming number of yoga related injuries are reported. If chiropractic meet the yoga practitioner with a common therapeutic goal, we can address their issues in powerfully, effective ways.

The course is technical and specific, yet taught in a hands-on, on-the -mat and table fashion. It remains user-friendly and its material is ready to apply at your next chiropractic session. 


The course does not challenge or replace any chiropractic method or profess an ideology; instead it share true gems of insight from the age-old system and will inspire most chiropractic approaches.


Some prior knowledge of yoga is helpful but not required to attend. All yoga practice during the seminar will be at a safe, “all-levels” intensity.


You will learn adjusting techniques, particularly for the extremities, that can seamlessly fit into any chiropractic technique - performed on the table!



Want to invite Dr. Weiss to your area to present a chiropractic CEU Seminar?

Continuing Education


Experience a NEW and FUN way to receive continuing education credits for chiropractic license renewal!


ChiroYoga™ Seminars are qualified to provide continuing education credit from the Department of Post-Graduate Education co-sponsorship of two chiropractic colleges:

New York Chiropractic College and National University of Human Sciences, Lombard, IL


All programs qualify for 12 hours of continuing education. Statements of attendance for participants requesting continuing education credit will be issued by the college affiliated for each program.



NYCC- License Renewal Conditions and Disclaimers

The physical intensity of this workshop is considered appropriate for all levels and a regular yoga practice is not necessary. However, you should have a relative degree of fitness and/or be comfortable in managing and honoring your limits. The application that you’ll fill out when registering for the workshop will include questions regarding your general health history and an opportunity for you to inform us of any special needs.

Appropriate applications relating to credit hours for license renewal in selected states have been executed for this program. For information regarding these applications, please contact the NYCC Postgraduate Department at 800-434-3955.
Individuals at a NYCC-sponsored program do not represent an endorsement by NYCC, nor is it to be construed as testimony by NYCC as to the quality of the products, services, publications, treatments, or the validity of the individual’s claims.  

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