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ChiroYoga Therapy   Private Sessions

ChiroYoga Therapy Private Session

A Chiroyoga Therapy session consists of a comprehensive exploration of your postural alignment and body mechanics. We identify patterns and habits in your movements and posture that either enhance health and vitality or that limit your body's full potential to recover from of an injury; particularly chronic injuries. Many people I see have had long standing, unresolved issues. We observe and address any subtle misalignments or improper actions that are often at the cause. 

A typical session begins with an on-the-mat yogic evaluation,  both standing and with relevant postures.  On-the-table, we explore any restrictions, imbalances, or limitations.  The session may include kinesiology, muscle and myofascial work, cranial-sacral balancing, and more traditional joint mobilization.  Specific postural suggestions and exercises are always given.  You will leave a session with clarity and feel empowered in your personal healing.


All therapeutics are safe and unforced and remain within the essential principles of yoga and yoga therapy.  With forty years of hands-on experience, both as a doctor of chiropractic, yoga therapist, and a yoga practitioner, I have learned to interpret the body and it's actions on an integrated and holistic level.

Each session is complete as a one-time experience.  Additional sessions are optional. The goal  for you to have the tools to rehabilitate yourself on a daily basis without needing someone to do the therapy for you.



Days available: Weekdays in mid afternoon by scheduled appointment only


Time: Individual session is approximately 1 hour in length. 


Cost: The cost for the session is $140.00.

Preparation: Please wear loose fitting or yoga-type clothing to be able to demonstrate postures. You will be on a yoga mat and a therapy table in the session.

  *Please do not wear fragrances, colognes, or essential oils!


Location:  Prana Yoga and Wellness:  3840 South Osprey, Sarasota, Florida


**Please note:

We do not accept insurance reimbursement.
Insurance forms are not provided or filled out.
Upon request, a digital receipt for payment of services can be provided.

This is not considered a chiropractic session. It is an extensive structural yoga therapy session that goes well beyond the confines of a general chiropractic visit.

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